Are you searching for cat fursuit ? A fursuit that you will be wearing to showcase your unique style in an out event. A cat fursuit is the ideal furry costume to wear in many situations. You can stand out with this cat fursuit. In America, cat is still the number one favourite pet. Most of American choose cat to be their first option when it comes to acquire a new pet in their home.

      Cat is digitigrade animal. It strolls on the toes, with the bones of the feet making up the lower some portion of the noticeable leg. In the night, cat has a very clear vision compare to dog. If cat were bigger than dog, it may be probably the best partner for hunting or war because cat ears, smell and eyes are well developed that dog’s one.

     So, if they choose cat to be first on the list, what could possibly be their alternative when they are about to  put on a furry suit ? Naturally they will be take cat fursuit. In this short post I will be showing you the 4 best cat fursuits. That I will be wearing if I have to. We know they are many variety of cat fursuit. We have black cat fursuit, pink cat fursuit or cheshire cat fursuit. These costumes are realistic fursuit, it is the first quality of all furry suit. If you are part of a team or represent a business, you can check out inflatable fursuit. You can use them as mascot for all your out event. You will be memorable.

        So without further ado let’s start our post. Here are my 4 best fursuits cat that I will recommend.


1 – Moving cat fursuit head

2 – child black cat fursuit