Are you looking for a Dragon fursuit to showcase your halloween style ? Will you want to be the person on the spot at any party ? You are at the right place. Here you will probably find the exact dragon fursuit that you are searching.

        Nowadays, people are becoming so interested on fursuit suit. Before halloween is even coming up, furry suit is already everywhere. From children to parents, from nursery school to working place, furry costume is every where. we buy it for us, for friends or family in the entend to please them. But we never know which one is the best. Many people make the decision to always go for a dragon fursuit. If you are like them, It mean you make the best choice. And here I will share my best dragon suit. You can also check my list of dutch angel dragon fursuit.

      In the ancient Chinese mythology, a dragon was a symbol of success, wealth, good luck and abundance. People That was in contact with dragon was recognized like extraordinary folks.

      Just a tiny percent of the population had the right to wear a clothes with dragon design or to have a sculpture of dragon in their own home. It was only for imperial personalities, successful artist or for a government purpose.

1 – Orange dragon fursuit

2 – jurassic dragon fursuit

3- Onesie Dragon costume

     And nowadays, the story behind the ancient chinese culture still apply and dragon symbolizes abundance and powerful. It was in the part of the chinese flag from 1888 to 1912. Even today some old chinese are still presenting themselves as descendants of dragon. You are in need of lavafox fursuit look this list.

4- tri-corn dragon fursuit

     In the other hand, we have a different viewpoint with western country. In their culture a Dragon is a big animal with capability to breath fire. That is why they have not love to this animal. And they thing the only thing to be done is to kill the giant. 

5- Ice dragon fursuit head

6- dragon wing cosplay

If you had watched popular dragon movie such as Dragonheart, how to train your dragon or Harry pother and the goblet of fire, we will notice that western usually take this one as the worst because he can breath fire and it’s one of the challenge of human. 

7 – Infaltable dragon fursuit