Are you looking for dutch angel dragon fursuit ? Are you in a need of a furry costume, the type of costume that stand on its own way. People are looking for a dragon fursuit because of the special look it represent. In the chinese culture a dragon is portraits as royalty gift. That mean only well spiritual authority has to own it. Many king and imperial family had dragon as their personal talisman.

    Compare to dinosaur, legend said dinosaur was very big dragon that breath fire and sometime fly. Superhero dragon, in some movies cares about the well being of its sidekick. In the other hand villain dragon is meant to destroy everything on its way.

     Now that finding fursuits for kids is becoming in trend, it’s going to be very good to look after the animal that you will choose.  Fursuit from a dutch angel dragon look awesome ether it is from an villain or superhero dragon. Here is my best-loved angel dragon fursuit.

1 – Turquoise dutch angel Dragon fursuit

2 – Bicorn dutch angel dragon fursuit

3 – green dutch angel dragon fursuit