Are you a fan of Halloween? Are you a pet person who loves dogs? Do you love doing cosplays and want your dog to be part too? Well then, you came up to the right place as we are about to tell you about the 5 best ewok dog costumes out there for none other than your dog.

Halloween is a time of the year that is celebrated all over the world, giving all the spooks and the creeps, just to have some fun and trick or treat. But did you know you can do all that fun with your pets? Did you know you can cosplay your dog too? Here coming from the star war movie, ewok is the most famous heroes dog.

If you are fascinated with furry suit, ewok dog suit is probably the ideal for you. Well for this purpose, we have gathered up some great costumes for your dog as well and they are here as follows. Maybe you may also look at the best fursuits for sale

3. Holy Dog Costume

Holy heaves, a holy pup!!!! That’s right, it’s a costume for your little pup that will drive attention where ever he goes. People are use to see holy bible now they will be amaze that you bring them the holy dog costume. It’s a pope costume for a pup!! Now imagine your pup wearing it and walking alongside you where ever you take him, how cute would he look and how fun would that be right?

2. UPS Dog Costume

Imagine your pooch in a uniform and a cute little hat, ready for supplies!!! Haha, how cute that’s gonna look. Well, we have that costume for you to make your days with your dog worth remembering. The ups dog costume is one that will remember you the past old best time, when UPS was the leader of the delivery industry. It’s a dark brown costume, with a cap, and a cute box stitched to hands of this costume, pretty cute huh!!!??

1. Star Wars ewok Dog costume

Ewok dog costume is the best for your dog. If you are planning an outside event, go for it. Did your dog ever given a ride on its back to someone?? Well, he will now, and that ride would be to none other than the very own “stormtrooper from star wars” now how cool is that?? Make your dog try out that costume this Halloween and shock the world out. If you are about to check out look at the skeleboner costume in the next page. Or perhaps you will like to check something else.