If you are looking for halloween costume to offer as gift to your lovely Kids, this is the house of halloween costume. 

     Are you the one who make the decision to choose Fortnite ? Lets me tell you something:  you made the right thing for him and you will be amazed here. Because Fortnite has the most realistic actors out there. And moreover Fortnite costumes aren’t so vulgar like others costumes. Definitely I am sure your kids will stand out from the crowd.

   This online game is so popular since its introduction in year 2017. It’s still now one of the favorite online game for more than 2 millions of people all over the world, even if every 9 to 12 weeks a new season is coming out.  Many fans found that skull Trooper is the number 1 best costume for all kids.

    It’s  going to be a new beginning for your kids to wearing this exeptional uniform. 

1- Skull trooper

     Skull Trooper skin is one of the most famous actors in fortnite. He is always fighting to ensure his authority is preserve. Maybe this high characteristic will be transfert to your kids. And he too will start be more charisma. If I have the opportunity to choose a costume for my kids I will be surely go for this one. Its simplicity is the thing that make me okay.

2- Tomato head

     When others are going for something more scariest, some choose the funniest. On the top of the funniest in Fortnite, we have the Tomato Head. This costume is enough to keep joyful during this Halloween. Tomato head is an actor that is more popular because of its holigraphic dance.

3- dark voyager

Dark Voyager is the astronote of the group. Maybe this costume may bring the desire to study Astronomy in your kids.

Dark Voyager is a legendary actor. Moreover the costume can be well weared outside the halloween.

D.V is a persona that is always looking of  ways to move faster and better. His ability to jump very high allows him to succeed where other can’t even try. this costume can be use for some outfit moments.

4- black knight 

     This black costume is one of my favorite. First because of the strong bootie, the mask use as helmet and thirdly the small ride wristlet that can serve as purse.

Your kid is going to enjoy this skin more than any one else. If you can have and additional blade toy. I guarantie you will have the happiest kid of the saison.

5- Brite Bomber

      brite bomber, she is always happy and use her brain to play the fighting game. When others are going for muscle and toys, Bomber fights smartly and win with tactic whether than practice.

This costume is the ideal for all girls who are looking for something brandable to showcase her reloply. 

  Futhermore, this costume can be use for the day to day life. Your girls can use it to out going event.

6- Rex official costumeĀ 

7- cuddle team leader

8- Tricera ops

9- crackshot

10- merry marauder