Are you trying to find fursuit head for sale cheap to showcase a particular event ? Or are you interested in furry for kids to offer to your love one ? Or maybe are you wondering how those head furry suits look like ? Well let me tell you something. Whether you come here for yourself, for an gift idea or perhaps for looking around : you are at the right place. I will be showing you my personal choice of fursuit head that will spark your imagination by fulfilling more that you were expected.

        Halloween is coming ahead and it is time for us to focus on something that will matter for us that day. Now the furry costume are gaining popularity in the public. Some are looking for scary costume such as demogorgon costume and skeleboner costume or maybe superhero costume like shego and batman.

        It is important to make the right decision, here you will find my 7 best fursuit head that will propel you to the next level. People may sometime wondering why you are choosing a fur head to show up that day. You are an awesome person. As a reminder my number #1 is a wolf fursuit head.

#1 Wolf fursuit head

Wolf is a really intelligent animal whose ears are very upright, with sharper teeth, a pointed muzzle and grey eyes. It is one of the smartest wild animal on earth. Wearing a wolf fursuit can significantly impact the way people will look at you. Wolf are very kind creature but when they are hunger, they tend to put this values aside at devoured whatever they can get.

      A wolf furry suit is the perfect furry costume to wear in any particular event where you can get more attention on you. Its facial expressions will pop up all the idea that come after the animal features.

2- Cat fursuit head

Out of the home, you can fill the happiness to wearing  a puppy furry head. A cat dedicated suit is the ideal you can dream about in halloween.

3- lion fursuit head


As you already know, Lion is the most dangerous wild animal in the forest. If you are looking for a costume to showcase this spitit. You can go for a Lion fursuit.

4- Dragon Fursuit Head

In the chinese culture dragon symbolize dignity, courage and sometimes domination. If you really want to take the outcome of a dragon go for this head suit.

5- Dog fursuit head

Dog has been for so long the most popular pets among Americans. Many people will like to have a suit made from dog. You too right !!! Go for this dog fursuit and you will never lokk back again.

6- Horse fursuit Head

Horse is famous from all the scientist community. Its eye can rotate 360°. And they are acting each other independently. If you want a furry suit that will propel you in the next level, I think horse is the ideal for that.

7- goat fursuit head

Gaots are famous from their healthy milk. We growth due to it. A fursuit from goat is the special costume for halloween. Go and put you hand on it. You will be suprised.