1- Soap Loofah Bubbles Adult Costume Set

This costume take its whole sense for people that are probably coming from very far. People who has experiense more together. I mean the type of person only each other can understand. You have being around for very long time and go together through a lot of story.

2- Ann & Andy Raggedy

     This fashioned couple, Mr Andy Raggedy and his wife Ann Raggedy, is the ideal example for today’s couple. Through their uniqueness, they has amazed TV show in the year 80s whit this costume. And it is coming now more in trending.

People always refered to them as clown. But for me I like this form of simplicity with no sexism. It’s probably beacuse of the authentic friendship that they have had for each other. I hope such friendship drives you into life everyday and night. 

3- Hot dog and bun

       This costume is probably one that will appear original. it reflects today lifestyle. People usually eat those hot dog and bun without thinking that it can be represented in costume.

    What you can do with this costume is to take trip in an fastfood that serve hot dog and bun. And guess what ? Just Order for a Hot dog and Bun. You will laugh all day long. You will be probably spend your best halloween.

4- Ketchup and mustard costume

There are many colors that make people desirable. But not many to make you stand out from the crowd. This costume assorted red and yellow is the exact for people that sometimes like to express their uniqueness through outside signals. You will be more good for photoshoot. Yellow and Red are the perfect combinaison for such occasiion.

5- batman and robin costume

     This popular movie from the year 1990s have being fascinated more than one, from kids to adults, we loved it. Batman and Robin has be for long time best actors for many of us. Today you will be treating like a star and kissed by many kids if you decide to wear the legendaries. You will be more appreciated because of their heritage.

6- Avocado slide costume

Avocado is one of the favorite fruit among many people. By wearing this avocado custume you will join the climate fighters. You send a typical message to those who dont care about climate. Maybe you will be the ideal person for the next green projet in the company. You slogan may look something like ” Halloween for an evergreen planet ”.

7-  queen and King card costume

    When others are going for something too extravagant, it’s time for you to show your authenticity by wearing something simple and original. You will be amazed how your friends will admire you.

     This is going to be a particular moment that you will never forget. With this costume many will come to you just to have some selfie. Because nobody is going to have this one. All of your friends will be going for scary costume.


As I said earlier, I stand for the number 3. Its represents  my day to day meal. Why am I not wearing this for a special even such as Halloween ?

Which one is your favorite ?

I personaly advice you to play around with this costume. For some reason I thing you need to make some facial make-up to be align with the image you want others to understand. For now I can only wish you ” Happy Halloween” with your new costume.