Are you looking for an iconic look? Wanting to look different and unique for Halloween? Wondering what to try to give a nostalgic to everyone? Well then don’t worry as we got just the right kind of costume for you that will not complete your overall Halloween look, but will also make you look unique and full of nostalgia yes! We are talking about none other than the iconic character of McDonald’s called Hamburglar .

     Hamburglar costume is one of the most famous outfit in Mac Donald’s series. His cosplay was a character introduced back in 1970 during the commercial of McDonald’s where it attempts to steal hamburgers from McDonald’s because they are so delicious. Since then, it has been a huge part of the franchise, their kid’s meal and their toys collection. It’s a funny, creepy, unique and interesting costume for Halloween having all in one for the public. It is important to look really weird in out event skeleboner outfit can make you have this look.

In order to complete this nostalgic look, following are the items you would need;

5. Hamburglar Tie

      This apparel gear had a very unique tie back in 1970 and since then, various combinations were added to this tie. The overall dressing look cannot be completed without this iconic tie. Here at us, you will find one of the best hamburglar ties out there which you may not find at the first glance so go for this look this Halloween.

4. Hamburglar Mask

     It’s impossible to have a hamburglar costume ready for Halloween without its nostalgic mask. Without the mask, it will look as if you are a burglar who forgot the rob. This is a must-have item in the list to complete this nostalgic look.

3. Hamburglar Hat

      A hamburglar cap is also one of a kind. It’s a wide-brimmed hat with a yellow stripe added to complete the overall look. It can be found at store with the best price range to complete your desired Halloween look.

2. Hamburglar Gloves

       Lastly, hamburglar gloves, a very important part of robbing those delicious hamburgers from Macdonald’s. I mean if those gloves weren’t there, his fingerprints would have ended him in prison right?? Therefore these gloves make a significant impact on this character’s appearance. They are red in color and ready for robbery on this Halloween.

1. Hamburglar costume

       One of the most important items to complete a personna look at this Halloween is none other than the very own hamburglar costume. It a black and white shirt with lines drawn one after the other just like that of a zebra except zebra has stripes like pedestrian crossing whereas this one shirt has a horizontal lining. Maybe you can have a look to demogorgon costume, it will add more scariness to your party.