Are you looking for a special costume for your Kids ? Do you want your kids to stand out of the crowd ? You make the good decision by choosing Harley Quinn as a costume for your kids.

This comic has been fascinated all of us since the first edition in 1992 to the last that is going to be release 7th of January 2020.

Here I make my best to please you by compilate most of the accessory around harley Quinn. It will help your kids be realy proud of you.

Maybe, you will find a ticket for him. For now I wish you and your Kids ”Happy Halloween ”

Here is the list of the full accessories.

       1. Good night Suicide squad baseball bat         

       2.  Suicide squad hair wig ties

       3.  Hair Wigs                                     

       4. Gold spike cuffs set of 2 

       5. DC Heroes and Vilains H.Q costume               

        6. Soft Mallet

       7.  Temporary tattoo                                                 

       8. Fashion Golden Puddin Choker 

       9. Junior Bomber Jacket                                 

      10. Daddy’s Lil Monster T-shirt

      11.  Pleather Boot Shoe

      12.  Backpack Harley Quinn  Bag

1- Suicide squad Baseball Bat

2- Suicide Squad Hair wig Ties

3- Hair Wig

4- Gold Spike cuffs Set of 2

5- Heroe and Vilain H.Q Costume

6- Soft mallet

7- Temporary tattoo

8- Fashion Golden Puddin Choker

9- Bomber Junior Jacket

10- Daddy’s Monster lil T-shirt

11- Pleather Bootie Shoe

12- Backpack Bag Harley Quinn