In terrestrial animals, plantigrade is a locomotion mode that means walking with the toes and metatarsals flat on the ground. If you are looking for a plantigrade fursuit here is a quick guide for this furry costume. At the end i will be show you the #1 best plantigrade fursuit for sale available out there. 

What is a plantigrade

            It is one of three forms of locomotion adopted by terrestrial mammals. The other options are digitigrade, walking on the toes with the heel and wrist permanently raised, and unguligrade, walking on the nail or nails of the toes (the hoof) with the heel/wrist and the digits permanently raised. The leg of a plantigrade mammal includes the bones of the upper leg (femur/humerus) and lower leg (tibia and fibula/radius and ulna). The leg of a digitigrade mammal also includes the metatarsals/metacarpals, the bones that in a human compose the arch of the foot and the palm of the hand. The leg of an unguligrade mammal also includes the phalanges, the finger and toe bones.

          Among extinct animals, most early mammals such as pantodonts were plantigrade. A plantigrade foot is the primitive condition for mammals; digitigrade and unguligrade locomotion evolved later. Among archosaurs, the pterosaurs were partially plantigrade, walking on the whole of the hind foot and the fingers of the hand-wing. If you are in need of a fursuit, you come to the right place a plantigrade is one of the favorite furry costume. You can showcase your style with a digitigrade fursuit or have a look of different fursuit head.