Halloween is already close, do you have your custume ? Are you browsing the net to look for a skull fursuit that will make you have the best halloween for ever ? Or maybe you are just looking for a gift for someone that you love ? Let me tell you something: you come to the right place.

Here you will find costumes that are in trend. The type of costume that will make you enjoying this halloween better than ever. Skull fursuit is one of the most popular costume out there. I don’t know why people like this ? Maybe it’s because it’s show what it is hidden in human or animal body.

    What are you feeling when you are wearing a skull fursuit? You can feel halloween spirit, you can showcase your love for a particular specy. 

1- Skeleton costume

The skeleton is one of the most popular costume for halloween. There is a big variety of fursuits for sale out there, But a skeleton always stand out of the others.

2- skull mask bone chest

     Do you want to look weird ? There is no reason you shouldn’t wear this skull mask. The chest is cover with bones that will give you an incredible skull look. There is not doubt about the distinguisged look of this costume.

3- skull facial mask

     Halloween is now so popular in all communities all over the world, but it wasn’t always like this. In the early age of Halloween, folk was just observing a full day of prayer. The prayer was made in the death name. That time they were remembering a defunt in the family and dropping flower or candie to the grave of deceaced.

4- dragon facial skull

    Dragon has always facinated many of us in our early age. In most of the movies or carton series, they are extremely gordious. They breathe fire and can sometime also fly. I think it is amond the reasons we like dragon.

5- Inflatable dinosaur costume

     This inflatable fursuit is one of the perfect model out there. Dinosaur has been since, one of the scariest halloween costume. maybe it’s due to the old story that tell people that dinosaur breath fire.

6- Skeleton spider costume

In the time where people are more focus on superhero costume such as Gotham Batman suit, this skeleton of with a white head mask is the kind of costume that will make you enjoy your halloween better than ever.

7- Black & white head mask

     If you are searching for a simple and easy way to showcase halloween without over thinking and over spending, this skull head costume is for you.