A furry convention is a social event, a gathering of fans where members of the furry community gather. These events last several days and are usually held at hotels or any hall center designated for this purpose. They represent furry culture and are an opportunity for participants to meet and participate in a variety of activities. In 2018, the largest convention in the U.S. was held with 11,000 participants.

Origins and development.

The first furry conventions began in 1986 at science fiction conventions in the United States. Over time, many subgroups organized and formed their own specialized gatherings, beginning with ConFurence in 1989, whose first event drew 65 people. Today, numerous conventions are held around the globe, especially in North America and Europe. Since then, the Internet has contributed greatly to the expansion of the community. The two largest conventions in the U.S. in 2019 are Midwest FurFest in Rosemont with 11,000 attendees and Anthrocon in Pittsburgh with 9,300 attendees. In Europe, the largest furry convention event is Eurofurence in Berlin with 3,400 attendees. Check this wolf fursuit yoy will love it.

Activities and management

funny Fursuit head

funny Fursuit head

Major international congresses are usually held in privatized hotels for the time being, because hotel owners are confident that their facilities will be fully occupied for the duration of the event. For example, Eurofurence has been held for several years in Berlin at ESTREL, Europe’s largest hotel and convention center with more than 1,000 rooms. They are held over several days, during a full week and at the end of the week, with a program of events and sometimes a theme that allows participants to change their costumes at their discretion. In 2018, for example, the theme was Eurofurence Aviators: conquer the sky!

How to convention usually works ?

Most of the Conferences usually begin and end with an opening and closing ceremony that give the opportity to many for party. Trade Hall, Anthrocon Conference or any center that had be designated for the event are mostly full book in advance. So, many activities can be attended by participant.
Conference, activities and programs can be varied. There is usually a trade hall with fur-related merchandise, a trade booth, and congress souvenirs at the convention. A space called Artist Street is set aside for artists and costume designers.

Is there any special treatment for artist ?

As an artist, fursuiter or designer there is always many option for them. They can mostly party and get custom stand and special spaces as artists. The Anthrocon Conference is always a good place to networking and showcase your unique design. Most of the time you get out of that place with new ideas for future work and new customer that you will not surely fulfill all their order. So as artist the convention is the place you shouldn’t miss by all means.

Furry bunny for kids

There are usually games , conferences with important guests such as organizers of other fur congresses, or demos, karaoke, etc. There is usually a parade at the hotel or outdoors, with all participants dressed in costume, which provides an opportunity to meet fur lovers and non-fur lovers alike.

Meet news folk from older edition

You will certaintly meet there two or three good partners of the congress Berlin Eurofurence 2018 and yo guys will have more fun.
There are several different types of participants at congresses. They may come from far and wide, even from other continents. In addition to people in suits, conventions are attended by people with or without suits. A fur suit is a unique piece of work made to order by craftsmen, and not everyone can own such a suit because of its price, which usually exceeds several thousand dollars . A 2007 survey of graduate students, doctoral students, and undergraduates at UCLA found that 83% of participants did not own a suit due to its high price. You can check this list of furry costumes for kids or f you are a girl our female fursuit will suit you well.

About Further Confusion

Where the furry convention 2022 will be hosting ?

So we comme to the most important question : where the furry convention 2022 will be hosting ? The question a bit large to answer strait regarding the place you are leaving. It is well recomand to check to the most established fursuis entreprise and because the list is always changing. So please check the 2O22 calendar